What you should know about owning an electric vehicle

You probably know that electric cars are better for the environment, but there are likely some things you weren't aware of. If you are currently shopping around for a new vehicle, consider the following things about electric cars to decide if this is a good option for you.

They Require Little Maintenance

If you are not adept at fixing cars and you rarely remember to get yours inspected, an electric car might be a good choice. Aside from needing new tires or changing out the wiper blades, electric cars are relatively low maintenance. You don't need to get it inspected as often as a traditional car and things like brake pads and fluids tend to last longer than what you are used to. This is both good for convenience as well as cost, as you might not need repairs or tune-ups as often either.

Electric Cars Can be Charged Any Time of the Day

Many people believe that there are only certain times of the day when the car can be charged, but this isn't actually true. You can charge your car any time, day or night. There are not rules or regulations, unless you have local ordinances that prevent you from charging during the day. However, it is true that charging the car is a little better at night, particularly in the middle of the night. This is when fewer people are using electricity, therefore there isn't as much of a demand for power.

Some Electric Cars Have Engines

Another surprising fact many people don't know until they start shopping around for electric cars is that some of them do have engines. It is a common misconception that all electric cars only have batteries and not engines. While some don't have engines, there are also some that have electric engines or motors. The Nissan Leaf is a good example of one with no engine, while the Chevrolet Volt has one.

They Don't Like High or Low Temperatures

Electric cars function best in mild and modest temperatures, and don't do well in extreme heat or intense cold. If you live somewhere that has several months of below-zero freezing temperatures or summers where the temperatures sky-rocket, you might not want to get an electric car. While they will still run, you will notice that they aren't running as well.

Consider these facts when you are deciding if you want an electric or standard car. For more information, consider sites like www.globalrewinds.com.au.

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