Important Tips When You Want to Rent Scaffolding for Home Use

Did you know that you can actually rent scaffolding for use at home when you have a project involving an elevated surface? You may think of scaffolding as only being used in construction work or for professional painters and window washers, but many pieces of scaffolding can be found at your local home improvement store as well. They can make it easier and even safer for you to handle repairs to a vaulted ceiling or to paint your own home without worrying about falling off a ladder. If you've never tried scaffolding hire for home use before, note a few important tips to remember.

1. Get stackable pieces

Rather than assuming you can choose one particular height for scaffolding, get stackable pieces. This is because it's often difficult to know the best reach for you once you're on the scaffolding. You might start doing the math of the height of your walls to be painted and your own height, but not take into account a comfortable reach for you or the length of paint rollers and the like. In turn, your scaffolding may be too tall and a paintbrush is too close to your face when you work. On the other hand, you may find that you need to stretch too far to paint the ceiling or add plaster. With stackable pieces, you can adjust the height of the scaffolding much more readily and easily and not worry about getting an exact height for just one piece.

2. Choose internal stairs

For very large scaffolding pieces, choose internal stairs rather than an outside ladder area. Remember that when you climb up onto the scaffolding, you will probably be carrying buckets, brushes, and other materials for repair or painting. While scaffolding is more secure than a ladder, using stairs that gently angle upward can be even safer than the outside ladder. For those that are new to working at elevated heights, use the stairs.

3. Check the width of the scaffolding base

If your scaffolding pieces need to work around something that cannot be moved, such as an outdoor landscaping feature or a piano that would need to be disassembled before you could take it out of a room, be sure to check the width of the scaffolding base. Many pieces are designed for areas like churches and stadiums, where the seating cannot be removed from the room. You can choose a similar piece that offers a wider base so that the legs of the scaffolding fit around those things that cannot be moved out of the way.

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