Quick Tips for Picking an Industrial Air Cannon for Your Production Facility

An industrial air cannon is often attached to the side of a silo, bin, or other such equipment in a production or storage facility, in order to help product inside the storage unit move more freely. The air cannon can give the material a quick blast of air so that it doesn't cling to walls, doesn't get caught in what are called rat holes or areas of buildup that don't allow it to move freely, and doesn't clog the opening of any hopper or chute. There are many different types of air cannons from which to choose, so note a few quick tips before you shop. This will ensure you get the right type for your facility.

1. Multi-valve

For large bins and silos, you might want a multi-valve air cannon. This type allows you to shoot air streams at different strengths at the same time. This can open up a blocked chute and also remove material clinging to walls at the same time. The multi-valve system also means that you can always have at least one flow of air; if one valve needs servicing or time for the air pressure to build back up, the other valves can be used in the meantime. For facilities with high volumes of production where you cannot wait for the flow of material to continue, a multi-valve piece can be best.

2. Flex hoses and pipes

Many air cannons hang on the walls of a silo or bin and work through just one opening there on the wall. However, for very large bins or silos, you might consider an air cannon with flex hoses and pipes. These can be directed to any area of the equipment for maximum control of the flow of your product. This too can be the better choice for high-volume facilities where you cannot wait for materials to loosen along one wall; having flex hoses and pipes can allow the air to reach the middle of the silo for maximum effectiveness in opening blockages.

3. Temperature resistance

Note the temperature resistance of any air cannon you might consider. Some are not designed to be exposed to high heat, and if your facility uses welding or smelting equipment or anything that produces large amounts of heat, you need to ensure you choose an air cannon that has a temperature resistance. Without being designed to withstand exposure to high heat, you may find that hoses begin to soften or the air cannon suffers corrosion around connectors and other parts.

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