Top tips for maintaining the lifespan of your rainwater tank pump

Replacing your rain water tank pump can be an expensive and inconvenient process. If you're keen to avoid pump failure or repair, there are a few things you can do to extend your tank pump's lifespan. Read on to learn more about looking after your rainwater tank pump.

Use a pump cover

Exposure to the harsh Australian weather conditions can cause your tank pump to deteriorate prematurely. To keep your tank pump performing for it's intended lifespan, investing in a good quality pump cover is advised. Opt for a pump cover made of UV protected materials, with both ventilation holes to circulate air, and drainage holes to prevent waterlogging after a heavy downpour. As a bonus, your pump cover will help to reduce the operational noise of your tank pump, while improving the aesthetics of your rainwater tank area.

Keep a clean tank

If your rainwater tank is not cleaned regularly, the likelihood for blockages in the tank pump suction hose or delivery pipe is increased due to sediment build up. In order to prevent any blockages, loss of water pressure or pump failure, check your water filters annually and replace as needed. It is also highly recommended that you desludge your tank every three to five years, depending on your water use, tank size and water quality. Discuss your tank's cleaning needs with your local tank supplier.

Use the right sized pump

A pump that is too small for your rainwater tank size and water supply requirements will have to work too hard to meet even minimum water pressure needs, and will expire prematurely. Work with your local pump supplier to ensure that you select the tank pump most suited to your water supply needs and equipment. If you upgrade your tank size or make other changes to your tank setup, contact your pump supplier to see if a new pump is necessary.

Have your pump serviced

If your tank pump is well maintained and protected, you can expect it to operate efficiently for many years. If once your tank pump is ten years old it is still working well, it is vital that you have it fully serviced to ensure it continues to function as required. As your pump ages, you may need to have it serviced more frequently to prevent failure or repair. For more information and advice on how to extend the lifespan of your tank pump, or to book a pump service, contact a local pump supplier (such as Slater H & Son Pty Ltd) today. 

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