Flexible Living | 4 Transportable Homes You Need To Know About

Due to increasing population, available land has become overcrowded as people strive to find space to set up their shelter. Thanks to man's innovation, portable homes have come into existence as a solution to this problem, whereby you can now set up a home over very limited land space and still live comfortably. Moreover, you can even travel with your home now. Therefore, if you want more flexibility in your living, maybe it's about time you start considering portable homes. Below are a few options you can consider.

Modular homes

These are homes made of modules, thus explaining the name. Modules are basically construction components in the form of closed boxes that are joined to form a building. These boxes are usually constructed in a factory located away from the construction site where the home is to be set up. They are then transported to the site, where they are assembled together on concrete or steel foundations according to the architect's design. The size of the home will depend on the number of modules required. If you want to change locations with it, the home can be disassembled using cranes and put in transportation vehicles for movement.

Mobile homes

These are commonly confused for modular homes because they are manufactured the same way. Unlike the former, mobile buildings are more flexible, since they are fitted with axles. Instead of being transported on flatbed trucks, these are simply towed behind heavy commercial vehicle heads. That's why they are also known as trailer or caravan homes. Moreover, these homes have the least amount of regulations to conform to than other buildings, making them easy to set up in a variety of locations.

Fold-out shipping container homes

These portable homes are made from shipping containers, whereby one of the sides is folded down to connect the interior to the environment. It is very easy to move, since all you'll need is an ordinary trailer. If it is large enough, you could fit a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and a bedroom. For privacy, you can use fabric screens to separate the different indoor sections.

The fincube

This portable home is one of the best innovative products of green architecture and has taken transportable homes to the next level. It is constructed from high-grade wood. In addition, the fincube is insulated by a triple glazed glass and a wooden sheath. This makes its interior temperatures very friendly, giving you portability and high-quality accommodation at the same time.

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