Common Signs That Your Boiler Needs to Be Repaired

Some homeowners only call a boiler repair technician when they wake up to a cold home or when they fail to get hot water for a shower. However, there are more subtle warning signs that you need to take note of before the boiler fails completely. This article discusses some of the common signs that should prompt you to call a technician to inspect and repair your boiler.

Inconsistent Water Temperature

A clear sign that your boiler needs to be inspected is erratic water temperature. If the water is too hot or too cool when you turn it on, call a repair technician immediately. The burners may have become worn out, or there is a leak in the gas line that is preventing the water from being heated adequately during peak use periods.

Wrong Pressure Readings

The pressure gauges can also malfunction and give you wrong readings. For example, the pressure gauge may continue giving the same pressure reading long after the boiler was turned off. This can be a sign that the pressure gauge froze at a certain point when the boiler was on. Those gauges may need to be cleaned or replaced by a qualified person.

Water Pools

It is normal to see a few drops of water under the boiler. This is because condensation can form close to the pressure relief valve after prolonged use of the boiler. However, you should be concerned when you see pools of water forming under the boiler. Such a pool may point to the fact that the seals of the boiler are broken and need to be replaced.

A Smell of Gas or Oil

Take immediate action when you smell gas or oil near you boiler. Step up the ventilation around the boiler by opening all the doors and windows. Turn off the power switch of the boiler and call a technician immediately. This prompt action is needed because you may be at risk if the leaked gas or oil bursts into flames when it drops onto a hot part of the boiler.

Experiencing fewer boiler breakdowns starts with having routine boiler inspections conducted by a certified professional. Those inspections should be complemented by a keen observation of the trouble signs above so that prompt action can be taken to avert a boiler disaster. Consult a professional for additional recommendations on how you can ensure that your boiler stays free from malfunctions. They may even have boiler spares on hand to make sure any necessary repairs can be made as quickly as possible. 

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