Can Your Commercial Premises Benefit From A Ductless Split System?

The most popular option for commercial air conditioning is a central heating and cooling system that functions to regulate the heat in the entire premises. However, this does not mean that central heating and cooling would be ideal for every commercial property. Rather than purchasing an HVAC system based on what you have seen installed in other office premises, it is advisable to discern your needs as well as your foreseeable usage before deciding on what would be suited to the property. One of the systems that you could consider is a ductless split system. Here are some of the reasons why a ductless split air conditioning system would be ideal for your commercial premises.

Your commercial property is old

Despite how conventional central heating and cooling is in Australia, you should bear in mind that this concept is relatively new when compared a good number of historic buildings. Thus, if you did not build your commercial premises from scratch but chose to buy an older property, you may find that it does not come with a centralised HVAC system. You may consider installing central heating, but this may not be a financially viable option. The installation costs could run quite high as new ductwork and vents would have to be constructed. An economical alternative would be resorting to a ductless air conditioning system for the premises.

You have added an extension to your commercial premises

When it comes to air conditioning systems, individuals tend to assume that purchasing a unit would be for the sole purpose of replacing a previous one. In reality, this is not always the case. For instance, if you have recently constructed extensions to your commercial property, chances are you would need to install heating and cooling to contend with the erratic temperature changes. Buying a brand new unit for your entire business premises would be a waste if your current HVAC unit is working perfectly fine. A better option would be installing a ductless system in the new space. Not only do you avoid having to install new ductwork to connect to the existing air conditioning system, but you also get to install a unit that is designed to cater for that specific space.

You have infrequently used rooms on your premises

Another reason to consider a ductless system for your commercial property would be to ensure that the rooms that are used on rare occasion would have heating and cooling on a need-be basis. Spaces that are used once in a while, such as a boardroom, but receive routine air conditioning only works to increase your utility costs. By installing a ductless HVAC system, you can considerably reduce your operational costs. 

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