Top Areas Where pH Controllers Can Be Handy in an Industrial Setting

In an industrial setting, having all of the necessary equipment and controllers is important. You might not have pH controllers in use in your business, but pH controllers can be used in various ways in industrial facilities so that wastewater can be brought to the proper pH levels. These are some of the areas in your facility where you can install and use pH controllers to help with the pH levels and other contaminants in your wastewater.

Wash Bays for Trucks

You probably like to keep your company's trucks nice and clean; after all, they represent your business when your truckers are out on the road, hauling materials or products. Because of this, you might have wash bays at your place of business that are used for washing trucks. In these wash bays, wastewater that contains dirt, mud, oil, and other substances will be generated. In quarantine wash bays — such as in wash bays where trucks that have been potentially exposed to hazardous materials have to be washed and quarantined — you have even more of a concern. In all of your wash bays, you will probably find that pH controllers are very handy.

Truck Servicing Areas

If your facility has its own trucks, then you probably have truck servicing shops or other areas where your on-site diesel mechanics and other professionals can work on maintaining and repairing your trucks so that they will remain in good condition. As you can probably imagine, motor oil, diesel fuel, and other potentially dangerous substances can find their way into the wastewater in these areas, and using a pH controller in your truck servicing area can be a good way to prevent environmental issues.

Machining Areas

In your machining areas, you might regularly end up with wastewater that has been exposed to industrial lubricants, cleaning chemicals, sawdust or metal dust, and all sorts of other substances. If you run a food processing facility, then food oil or grease and other ingredients might be found in the machining area and its wastewater, too. Keeping these areas clean and properly disposing of the wastewater is important, and pH controllers can help with this.

As you can see, there are a few top areas in any industrial setting where pH controllers can be used. In fact, these are just a few examples of the places in your facility where these controllers can be put to good use.

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