Why Buy Used Transformers?

If you need to buy a transformer for your plant, then you can buy a used reconditioned product rather than a new one. While you know that a reconditioned option will be cheaper than buying new, you might worry that the transformer might not work as well as you need it to because it has been used before.

However, transformers lend themselves well to reconditioning. They don't tend to have the same problems as other types of used industrial machines and equipment. Why do used transformers work so well?

Transformers Haven't Changed Much Over the Years

While some industrial machines and equipment have evolved over the years, transformer technology has stayed pretty constant. The transformers in use now aren't that much different to the original models.

This means that a used transformer isn't likely to contain any parts that have been superseded by new ones. The reconditioning process is simple, and a used transformer works just as well as a new one.

Transformers Don't Wear Quickly

Transformers don't typically have any moving parts. They work on an electromagnetic induction system. The fewer moving parts a piece of equipment has, the longer it will last. Moving parts tend to wear and break over time, especially in harsh industrial environments.

If you buy a piece of equipment that doesn't have moving parts, like a transformer, then there is no reason why it won't work as well after years of use as it did when it was first purchased. There is less that can go wrong. You can have more confidence that the transformer can do its job well into the future.

Used Transformers Don't Have Teething Problems

If you buy a new transformer, then there is a chance that it will fail when you first start using it. While this doesn't happen often, transformers sometimes have problems either the first time they are powered up or in the first few years of service. Generally, an older transformer that has worked well so far won't have future problems.

So, if you buy a reconditioned transformer, then you can have confidence that it will work without any significant issues. If it were to develop a problem, this would probably have happened already. If the transformer has been in service for a while without developing a fault, it is more likely to work efficiently from this point on.

To find out more about used transformers and the reconditioning process, contact local suppliers.

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